RAAL Requisite CA-1a FilterSet

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The RAAL CA-1a Neutral FilterSet package contains two complete filtersets for both earpads. Each filterset contains filters with sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 352.8 kHz and packaged as a .zip file that can be used in most convolvers, like Hang Loose Convolver and Roon for example. Mono 352.8 kHz mono filters are also included for HQPlayer.

FilterSet Free Trial Offer: Download the Hang Loose Convolver 14-Day Free Trial software. Specify the RAAL CA-1a Neutral FilterSet in the Order Notes at checkout.

Full Product Description

Frequency Response Measurement & Correction

RAAL requisite CA-1a closed frequency

Closed earpads

RAAL requisite CA-1a open frequency

Open earpads

RAAL requisite CA-1a closed phase reponse

The RAAL requisite CA-1a is a ribbon headphone. Depending on which earpad is used, produces a significantly different sonic signature. While the closed earpads produce a reasonably smooth response up to 1 kHz, there is a significant wide band -8 dB dip in frequency response from about 1.5 kHz to 5 kHz. This results in a very dark sound.

While the open earpads aren’t as dark sounding, there is a lack of deep bass response with a 1.2 kHz peak and then another -6dB dip in frequency response between 1.5 and 3.5 kHz, right where out ears are the most sensitive. The rising narrow band peak at 5 kHz gives the headphone the impression of being a bit brighter than the closed earpads, but still very midrange-y sounding.

With the addition of the phase response chart, the CA-1a have phase issues that obfuscate the clarity and depth of field that these headphones are capable of.

Engaging the high-resolution convolution filter is indeed a “night and day” difference in sonic signature of these headphones. With the convolution filter engaged, using either set of earpads, the response is ruler flat from 15 Hz to 5 kHz +- 0.5 dB. The convolution filters fully optimize the ribbon design and manufacture of these headphones.

4 reviews for RAAL Requisite CA-1a FilterSet

  1. Bard Geesaman (verified owner)

    Headphones were dreadful before applying these filters. Now sound as good as any I have listened to. I was amazed to hear now much soundstage and imaging improved.

  2. GM (verified owner)

    Excellent filter, a must have for the CA-1a. I recently heard the new $6k STAX X9000 and honestly this headset is comparable to that with these filters. You get the air of an electrostat and the bass of a planar, these ribbon headphones are special, especially with this filter.

  3. Igor Petruk (verified owner)

    With open (coffee bean) pads these filters were not improving the sound strictly speaking. It made the sound different. More neutral, as they claim, but subjectively the music became more detailed, and less fun, enganging. To me none of those was strictly better, but different.

    Where these filters really shine to me is with closed pads. The difference is very big. The sound now is just perfect, the filters fixed the looseness of bass. You can hear more texture of the said bass across the whole low frequency range. With the filters they sound both better than open pads (with or without filters) and probably better or equal than any headphones I have ever heard.

  4. nfandi (verified owner)

    I was quite happy listening to my music with the CA1a before I tried the filters but now I couldn’t go back to that. The phones already had great transient response and detail but now the word that comes to mind is “balance”. The bass is more extended, but very clean and clear; no boom and bloom. Nothing stands out; nothing dominates; it’s all just very clean and clear and enjoyable to listen to. I think the CA1a + convolution filter has to be one of the best vfm TOTL combinations available today.

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