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Hang Loose Convolver with Dolby Atmos Resampler and Latency Compensation

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High quality resampler maintains filter frequency resolution regardless of host sample rate:

4a-HLC resampler 1 million taps

E.g. a 44.1 kHz, 65,536 tap FIR filter resampled at 705.6kHz host sample rate = 1,022,146 taps to maintain the filter’s frequency resolution.

HLC resampler works with .cfg files only. The resampler is engaged when HLC cannot find a matching sample rate filter when a filter is being loaded or when the host sample rate changes.

HLC provides user adjustable controls to fine tune the resamplers settings per Filterbank:

4b Hang Loose Convolver Resampler Controls

% = transition band is specified as the normalized spectral space of the input signal between the low-pass filter’s -3 dB point and the Nyquist frequency. Ranges from 0.5% to 45%.

dB = stop-band attenuation can be specified in the range from 49 to 218 decibels.

Phase = linear or minimum phase.

Double clicking on the resampler controls will reset to default settings.

Here’s an example showing the range of HLC’s resampler settings:

4c HLC resampler test 96kHz source - 44.1kHz Dirac filter

The orange trace is the default setting, the green trace is an intermediate setting and the blue trace is the minimum setting with optional minimum phase set.

To fine tune the resampler settings, load two Filterbanks with the same .cfg filter at one sample rate (e.g. 44.1 kHz). Leave one Filterbank with default settings and adjust the resampler controls for the 2nd Filterbank. Play music at a different sample rate to engage the resampler. Switch between the two filterbanks in real-time to tune in to the differences. Choose whichever settings sound best to your ears.

Full License – US $129.00
FREE 14 Day Trial

Hang Loose Convolver (HLC) is a specially designed stereo and multichannel convolver to compare “level matched” convolution filters in real time with “instant switching” between filters.

Features include:

  • Windows 10 and 11. MacOS 10.13 or later including Apple Silicon and Intel-based Mac computers. Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS or later.
  • seamless real-time switching between filters whether minimum phase or linear phase
  • autogain level matching with manual gain adjustment
  • import Acourate, Audiolense, Focus Fidelity, rePhase, DRC-FIR and REW filters
  • supports stereo 32-bit float wav FIR filters individually or bundled in a zip file
  • automatic filter switching based on host sample rate
  • r8brain resampler maintains filter frequency resolution for any sample rate
  • 6 filterbanks x number of presets = dozens of FIR filters at one’s fingertips
  • system-wide and app specific convolution capabilities
  • supports streaming using different I/O audio devices without additional software
  • zero latency, uniform partition convolution engine
  • reports FIR filter latency to Host application for perfect lip-sync operation
  • standalone application mode and VST3/AU plugin mode

HLC supports the industry standard config file format for both stereo and multichannel operation. Features implemented:

  • input and output delays with 0.1ms resolution
  • input and output channel weights
  • summing input channels to a single output path – typically used for crosstalk cancellation filters
  • both absolute and relative file paths to the filters are supported
  • If the host sample rate changes, HLC will look for a matching .cfg filter to load automatically

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Full License – US $129.00
FREE 14 Day Trial