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Hang Loose Convolver (HLC) is a specially designed stereo and multichannel convolver to compare “level matched” convolution filters in real time with “instant switching” between filters.

Features include:

  • Windows 10 and 11. MacOS 10.13 or later including Apple Silicon and Intel-based Mac computers
  • seamless real-time switching between filters whether minimum phase or linear phase
  • autogain level matching with manual gain adjustment
  • import Acourate, Audiolense, Focus Fidelity, rePhase, DRC-FIR and REW filters
  • supports stereo 32-bit float wav FIR filters individually or bundled in a zip file
  • automatic filter switching based on host sample rate
  • 6 filterbanks x number of presets = dozens of FIR filters at one’s fingertips
  • system-wide and app specific convolution capabilities
  • supports streaming using different I/O audio devices without additional software
  • zero latency, uniform partition convolution engine
  • standalone application mode and VST3/AU plugin mode

The convolver supports the industry standard config file format for both stereo and multichannel operation. Features implemented:

  • input and output delays with 0.1ms resolution
  • input and output channel weights
  • summing input channels to a single output path – typically used for crosstalk cancellation filters
  • both absolute and relative file paths to the filters are supported
  • If the host sample rate changes, HLC will look for a matching .cfg filter to load automatically

Additional Info

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