Hang Loose Convolver – Perpetual License (Bundled with HLHost)

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US $ 129.00

HLC perpetual license with 6 activations. This means that the convolver can be installed as a plugin and standalone plugin on Windows, Mac, and Linux in any combination.

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Hang Loose Convolver: A Listening Demonstration

7 reviews for Hang Loose Convolver – Perpetual License (Bundled with HLHost)

  1. Jean Claude Gaertner

    In 2022, I was wondering what improvment I could make to my system. After years of IIR active filtering, I felt it was time to start experimenting with FIR to get some kind of time correction to my living room / listening room.. It was quite intimidating at first but I found the digital book from Mr Barnett “Accurate Sound Reproduction Using DSP” and later watched videos he did on the subject. I’m really greatfull to him as this help me a lot to start with !
    Shortly after, Hang Loose Convolver was made available and it is a fantastic software to test different corrections on the fly either via the host or direct VST3 plug in. I found the 6 activations very generous as I do a lot of experimentation on different hardware.
    Also, Mr Barnett was very helpfull and responsive to my emails. Really a huge thumb up to him !
    Best regards from France

  2. Jason Texel (verified owner)

    HLC, just WOW!

    This was the sound I have been looking for all my life. I had about 20 people demo my system for an event and it created quite a ruckus. A Disney professional composer auditioned his classical music and almost started to cry, gave me a hug and said it is the best he has ever heard his stuff except for live. What a mic drop moment! Ladies and gentlemen HLC has entered the building!

  3. Kuryan (verified owner)

    Thanks for this great tool. It would have required days of frustrating switching back and forth in Roon between filters, with long dead spaces as Roon switched from one preset to another. With correctly matched levels and instantaneous switching, the winner emerged within minutes. I had four filters to compare. I bought a Hang Loose license in the morning and by afternoon I had a winner. What a time saver.

    The instructions are very clear and extremely detailed. I got it set up in a few minutes.

  4. Weng

    Very good software. I especially appreciate its zero latency and seamless comparison of multiple sets of convolution files. The developers responded very quickly to my emails and resolved my issues reliably.

  5. Pete Morse (verified owner)

    Recently had the pleasure of trying out Accurate Sound’s Hang Loose Convolver and the corresponding filter set that goes with my Raal SR-1 headphones as a way to achieve a flat EQ curve in my cans. It’s been a month since first trying his software out and I don’t think I can work without it at this point. The FIR convolution filters are impressive and allow me to make even smarter decisions mixing and mastering. Things translate really well in a variety of playback systems and my headphones are now oddly getting more use than both my speaker sets.

  6. eldad.guetta

    HLC is a unique AU plugin that specializes in loading digital room correction FIR filters. It excels in this task, delivering impressive performance. It seamlessly integrates with Logic Pro, particularly optimized for Logic’s internal Low Latency Mode. This ensures that the FIR filter can be loaded without sacrificing seamless delay compensation provided by Logic.

  7. Laureano Novais Lopes (verified owner)

    Great Software! I use it mainly in my DAW Nuendo as VST3 Plugin to have a tool which enables to load 12 channels with Acourate generated fir filters with the Dolby Atmos Target curve applied. Easy to store and easy to change the filters bank for every speaker setup. Also, a great tool to decide between different filters because of its level matching function. To watch Movies, I use the standalone version with minimal phase filters and its perfect lip-sync.

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