accurate sound

accurate sound

accurate soundaccurate soundaccurate sound

 1) We help you measure your room

2) You email us your file

3) We do the engineering

4) We send you a calibrated file

5) Enjoy!

hear music the way artists intended

About Us

We calibrate sound systems to industry standards

 We calibrate loudspeakers in rooms to the same industry standards used in professional recording studios. See Standards.

Accurate Sound Calibration using DSP

Calibration is achieved through the use of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) software, and if required, acoustic room treatments. See DSP.

Accurate Sound Reproduction

Once calibrated, the music arriving at your ears matches as close as        possible to how it was intended to sound by the artists. See Testimonials

Our engineering process

1) Requirements

  1. Send pics and dimensions of your listening room.
  2. Listing of your audio equipment and description of signal path.
  3. Measure your system and send us your REW .mdat file for a free analysis.

2) Analysis

  1. Initial analysis to determine if measurements fall within operational limits.
  2. Compare measurement to industry standard specs.
  3. Create initial DSP filter and/or acoustic treatment design.

3) Solution Report

  1. Comparison of measures to industry standards and a description of the differences.
  2. Preliminary DSP filter and/or acoustic treatment design.
  3. Deliver solution report options with pros and cons for each.

4) DSP Filter and Acoustic Design

  1. Run our proprietary software algorithm to calculate best FDW settings for your room.
  2. Finalize DSP design and generate 4 correction filters.
  3. Finalize acoustic treatments design (if required).

5) Accurate Sound Delivery

  1. Deliver 4 DSP filters compatible with your music player
  2. Deliver acoustic design.
  3. Provide implementation support on how to compare filters to determine your preference.

6) Fine tuning and verification

  1. Fine tune DSP filters based on listening feedback.
  2. Re-run measurements with correction filters and/or acoustic  treatments in place for design verification.
  3. Enjoy the music!