Digital Room Correction (DRC) Multichannel Calibration Service

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US $ 1,500.00

Fee Includes:

  • Up to 6 custom designed DSP FIR filters tailored to your personal preference for tonal response while taking care of room effects for one system. The process is incremental and iterative.
  • All design artifacts including target design, frequency dependent windowing settings, etc. are delivered at the end of the process.
  • A short video using your measurements to walk through the analysis, design and filter generation process so that you can replicate was what done. Includes tips and tricks for further experimentation.

More About the Calibration Service

We were first to offer remote Digital Signal Processing (DSP) calibration services for tuning commercial and consumer audio sound systems to industry standards. We make it easy.

Here’s the Process:

  1. Measure your loudspeakers in your room – we can help!
  2. Send us your measurement file, room dimensions and pics.
  3. We design the best FIR DRC filter possible.
  4. Load the FIR correction filter into your music player.
  5. We fine tune the tonal response to your preference.
  6. Kick back and enjoy the music.

Terms and Conditions for Service Engagement

DRC Calibration Service Terms and Conditions

Digital Room Correction (DRC) Calibration – Info

Digital Room Correction (DRC) Calibration

Master Class on Digital Room Correction

1 review for Digital Room Correction (DRC) Multichannel Calibration Service

  1. Jeffrey C. Robbins

    I have worked with Mitch on several filter iterations for my main audio system, which is configured for stereo, multichannel and Dolby Atmos. You can see my system here:

    Multichannel systems are notoriously difficult to measure for DSP, almost impossibly so if using a USB microphone with its own separate clock from that of the DAC itself. At Mitch’s urging (perhaps even pleading), I acquired a Motu Ultra-lite mk5 audio interface and an ISEMcon emx-7150 condenser microphone to measure my speaker array. With stable measurements, Mitch was able to create three filter sets for me in Audiolense XO: a base (flat response) filter for jazz and classical recordings, a bumped up bass filter and a super bumped up bass filter, the latter two of which are great for rock music. I use the filters not only for digitally sourced recordings but also to live-DSPing of my analog vinyl.

    Mitch also helped me solve the insertion loss problems I was having that caused HQPlayer to shut down at loud listening levels.

    The results are terrific. Powerful, punchy and precise bass that I can feel and pinpoint, stable imaging. Definitely worth the time, effort and investment and now repeatable, as Mitch provided me with some custom video tutorials for future tweaking and to help me on filter design for my secondary home sound systems.

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