Meze Empyrean FilterSet

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The Meze Empyrean Neutral FilterSet contains two complete filtersets, one for the leather earpads and one for the Alcantara earpads. Each filterset contains filters with sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 352.8 kHz and packaged as a .zip file that can be used in most convolvers, like Hang Loose Convolver and Roon for example. Mono 352.8 kHz mono filters are also included for HQPlayer.

FilterSet Free Trial Offer: Download the Hang Loose Convolver 14-Day Free Trial software. Specify the Meze Empyrean Neutral FilterSet in the Order Notes at checkout.

Full Product Description

Frequency Response Measurement & Correction

Meze Empyrean frequency

Meze Empyrean reponse

A = Alcantara earpads

The Meze Empyrean is an unusual measuring and sounding headphone, no matter which earpad is chosen. In the case of the leather earpads, the deep bass is -6 dB down at 20 Hz and -10 dB down with the Alcantara (soft) earpads. There is a significant mid bass/lower midrange bump with both earpads, but more so with the Alcantara earpads. With the leather earpads a significant amount of the midrange is down -3 to -4 dB from 400 Hz to 3 kHz. Whereas the Alcantara has a couple of bumps and dip in the ears most sensitive range. Both headphones exhibit a peak in the 4 kHz and 5 kHz range.

The leather pads make the headphones sound quite dark with a peaky lower treble. The Alcantara pads sound like there is no deep bass with an overabundance of lower midrange, an upper midrange dip and narrow lower treble peak. While that Alcantara does not sound as dark as the leather earpads, one gives up on the deep bass.

Engaging the high-resolution convolution filter transforms these headphones into an accurate sound reproducer with a ruler flat frequency response from 20 Hz to 5 kHz +- 0.5 dB tolerance. The convolution filter fully optimizes these exotic headphones. If one can choose, use the leather earpads as the Alcantara earpads give up too soon on the deep bass.


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