Hang Loose Host

US $ 20.00

Hang Loose Host (HLHost) is a cross-platform application designed to host audio plugins, which can be added to the signal path to give you a multitude of capabilities.

As an example, convolution plugins such as Hang Loose Convolver and Dirac Live Processor can add high resolution digital room correction (DRC) to your listening setup, or convolution for high resolution headphone filters.

Another example might be using uBACCH or X-Talk-Shaper cross talk cancellation plugins for spatial audio capabilities.

Looking for Active Room Treatment, try Room Shaper, or maybe you are into Auro-3D or DTS Neural Surround UpMix for immersive audio, or want to try an ultra-cool dynamic equalizer.

Thousands of plugins are available and can be easily inserted into your audio signal path and orchestrated using HLHost.

Simple operation in 5 easy steps

  1. Scan for new or updated plugins.
  2. Add plugins to HLHost canvas.
  3. Wire up your plugins.
  4. Configure your input and output devices, sample rate and buffer size.
  5. Listen.


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