Focal Utopia 2020 FilterSet

US $ 225.00

The Focal Utopia 2020 FIR filterset pack contains two separate high-resolution FIR eq filtersets:

FilterSet 1 = neutral
FilterSet 2 = neutral plus treble extension

Each filterset contains filters with sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 352.8 kHz and packaged as a .zip file that can be used in most convolvers, like Hang Loose Convolver and Roon for example. Mono 352.8 kHz mono filters are also included for HQPlayer.

FilterSet Free Trial Offer: Download the Hang Loose Convolver 14-Day Free Trial software. Specify the Focal Utopia 2020 FIR Filter Pack in the Order Notes at checkout.

Full Product Description

Frequency Response Measurement & Correction

Focal Utopia 2020 frequency response Red measured Green corrected

Looking at the measured frequency response, the bass starts to roll-off at 100 Hz and is -6 dB down at 20 Hz. Relatively smooth response moving going up in frequency with a small broadband dip in the 200 Hz to 900 Hz lower midrange which gives the headphone a laid-back sound. Then a little peak in the 1.2 to 1.4 kHz range which pushes the soundstage forward a bit in the mix. This is followed by a -3 dB dip in the ears most sensitive range at 2 kHz. There is a +6 dB narrow band peak at 4.6 kHz, which produces a bright, almost harsh upper midrange quality to the sound of the headphone.

Engaging the high-resolution convolution filter transforms these headphones into an accurate sound reproducer with a ruler flat frequency response that extends from -3 dB at 18 Hz to 3 kHz +- 0.25 dB tolerance and with a +- 1dB variation out to 6 kHz. With the filter, one can take this excellent headphone to a new level of listening experience. One can listen all day without a hint of harshness with the neutral filterset. The neutral plus treble extension takes advantage of the neutral response but further extends the treble range of the headphone for a more intimate presentation with an enhanced 3D soundstage.


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