Audeze LCD-5 FilterSet

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The Audeze LCD-5 FIR Neutral FilterSet contains filters with sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 352.8 kHz and packaged as a .zip file that can be used in most convolvers, like Hang Loose Convolver and Roon for example. Mono 352.8 kHz mono filters are also included for HQPlayer.

FilterSet Free Trial Offer: Download the Hang Loose Convolver 14-Day Free Trial software. Specify the Audeze LCD-5 FIR FilterSet in the Order Notes at checkout.

Full Product Description

Frequency Response Measurement & Correction

Audeze LCD-5

The LCD-5 is a fast, but bright sounding headphone. The headphone starts to deviate from neutral starting at 400 Hz and rises to a +6 dB peak at 4 kHz. The bass starts to roll off at 90 Hz and is -4 dB down at 20 Hz.

Engaging the high-resolution convolution filter can be characterized as a “night and day” difference. The increased low bass gives added weight to the sound and the taming of the +2 dB 1 to 1.5 kHz peak helps. But the huge difference is in the upper midrange. Going from really bright to, wow, these now sound clear and full!

Additional Info

Audiophile Style article including listening impressions and detailed measurements: “LCD-4 vs LCD-5: Yin and Yang

3 reviews for Audeze LCD-5 FilterSet

  1. Gaurav Tyagi (verified owner)

    I am no stranger to EQ and have been effectively EQing headphones that I owned before with my ears for my preference. Recently I upgraded from LCD-XC to LCD-5 and was encouraged by a lot of head-fiers to try out the famous “Mitch Barnett filter” took me a while to find out the website and later I engaged Mitch in a email conversation to know more about it. I then took a trial of the filter and found it extremely good. Went ahead with the purchase and now I am enjoying every moment when I put my LCD-5 on and listen to music. This essentially not only does EQ but also gets rid of phase distortions. I find the timing of the notes to be very accurate and the trails to be pleasantly revealing and natural. LCD-5 is a great headphone but this convolution filter has made it the best headphone in the world for me. Happy Listening!!

  2. UK Sound Searcher (verified owner)

    Having gone through so many headphones and becoming frustrated with their performance, purchasing the LCD-5’s was my last attempt before giving up on high-end headphones altogether.

    With a basic understanding of frequency response (FR), I had managed to adjust the headphones to an acceptable level of fidelity. However, I still didn’t feel that what I was hearing was as accurate and nuanced as it should be. I could address the shoutiness, but it left the headphones sounding too generic and not as lifelike as expected from a headphone costing close to £4,000.

    To make a long story short, I came across many posts on various forums praising Mitch’s work with the LCD-5, so I thought it was worth a try. And what a decision that turned out to be!

    The note weight, treble, and bass are just perfect, and the slightly shouty mids have been replaced with a lifelike transformation. To say that this has elevated what is already an excellent headphone to something truly top tier would be an understatement. They sound more real, more nuanced, more alive with every genre I’ve tested them with.

    If you’re hesitating, thinking it’s a lot of money to invest in an EQ profile, I understand your hesitation. I pondered over it for a couple of days myself, but I’m so glad I took the plunge, for lack of a better word.

    In conclusion, this is more than just an EQ profile; it’s something truly special!

  3. Eminent One

    Having never tried a convolution before, I am so happy I did.

    I spent the early part of my journey fully enjoying PEQ with LCD5. Stock tonality is mid forward to me and I was very fully content with them until I read about this and Mitch’s work.

    I have been enjoying these for over a year now. The filter is integral to the total experience in bringing out the best the LCD5’s drivers can express with a wonderful balance in tone, a sense like peering through the music as if being one with it and presenting an effortless delivery.

    They have excelled beyond any other PEQ I had tried previously from Audeze, Resolve, Oratory, Crinacle, and even with tweaking on my own. While very good, none could match the qualities of sonics achieved with Mitch’s filter.

    Great job and thank you!
    Very highly recommended!

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