RAAL Requisite SR-1b FilterSet

US $ 200.00

The SR-1b FIR filterset pack contains two separate high-resolution FIR eq filtersets:

FilterSet 1 = neutral
FilterSet 2 = neutral plus bass extension

Each filterset contains filters with sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 352.8 kHz and packaged as a .zip file that can be used in most convolvers, like Hang Loose Convolver and Roon for example. Mono 352.8 kHz mono filters are also included for HQPlayer.

FilterSet Free Trial Offer: Download the Hang Loose Convolver 14-Day Free Trial software. Specify the SR-1b FIR Filter Pack in the Order Notes at checkout.

Full Product Description

Frequency Response Measurement & Correction

The RAAL requisite SR-1b headphone has a bass bump from 50 to 125 Hz, a mild dip in the lower midrange and mostly flat to about 800 Hz. Above 800 Hz there is a rise in frequency response with a +4 dB peak in our ears most sensitive range (~2.1 kHz) giving the headphone a decidedly bright “in your ear” upper midrange characteristic.

Engaging the high-resolution convolution filter produces a ruler flat response, eliminating the “in your ear” upper midrange peak resulting in a neutral sound. The soundstage and depth of field is increased with the lead vocals and instruments “sitting in the pocket” of the mix instead of dominating it.

Additional Info

Note that these convolution filters were developed without the external baffle step compensation. The baffle step compensation has been built into the convolution filter. Therefore, any head amp that is suitable to drive the Raal SR-1b can now be used.

These filters also work with the original SR-1a headphone. Please be sure to turn baffle step compensation off when using these filters.


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