The service starts with measuring your loudspeakers in your room using a calibrated measurement microphone like UMIK-1 and free room acoustics analysis software like REW.

Take two separate measurements, left and right, with the measurement microphone, at ear height, at the listening position. There are several how to guides here. If you get stuck, we can help!

We offer a free analysis of the measurements comparing to industry standards. A summary report is delivered to you with measurement comparisons, analysis and recommendations. Send your REW .mdat files to:

mitch (at)

Calibration services are performed remotely anywhere in the world where there is internet.

Calibrate Frequency Response

Shows 4 industry standards operational room response curves used for accurate sound reproduction.

When your loudspeakers in your room are calibrated, we start with these four operational room response curves to determine which one sounds best to you. Once one is selected, we fine tune the response, within tolerance, to best match your personal preference. This may take two or three iterations to finalize your specific operational room response curve. Once set, it should sound good with a wide range of music and media content. 

Room Resonances Calibration

Room Shaper DSP software program that removes room resonances for accurate sound reproduction.

We use specialized DSP software to remove room resonances from your listening room. Once DSP is used to calibrate the frequency response, we take another measurement, with the DSP correction filter in place and upload the impulse response into Room Shaper. Then we adjust Room Shaper sense and effect to remove, reduce, and counteract room resonances below 500 Hz. The result is if the room has disappeared.

Calibrate Room Acoustics

Acoustic absorption and diffusion panels plus bass traps for controlling room acoustics.

Passive acoustic treatments are typically required only if the broadband reverberation/decay time exceeds industry specifications. For example, a bare room would exceed industry specifications. However, a fully furnished room with drapes, carpet, couches, bookshelves, etc., would most likely fall within the specification. The first measurement will tell us whether in or out spec. 

Optimize Speaker Placement

Acoustic Room Simulator to optimize speaker placement for accurate sound reproduction.

We use Room Simulator to optimize loudspeaker placement. Entering in the coordinates of the room, speakers and listening position locations will assist us in determining the ideal location. This includes meeting the stereo (or multi-channel) setup configuration specification.

Advanced Speaker Optimization

3 way linear phase digital crossover with perfect time alignment for accurate sound reproduction

Driver linearization, driver time alignment, excess phase correction, digital crossovers are part of our advanced loudspeaker optimization service. The step response above shows a tri-amped loudspeaker system with dual subs that has been perfectly time aligned using linear phase digital crossovers.

Precision Subwoofer Integration

Integrating subwoofers with mains using digital crossovers and digital room correction.

Integrating subwoofer(s) into systems is difficult. Different time arrivals, activating room resonances, placement location and long sound wavelengths all exacerbate the situation. We use a scientific approach to properly integrate subs for not only smooth frequency response, but perfectly time aligned with your mains.

DSP Partners

Acourate Digital Room Correction used for accurate sound calibration and accurate sound reproduction
Audiolense Digital Room Correction for accurate sound calibration and accurate sound reproduction
Home Audio Fidelity Digital Room Correction Room Shaper used for accurate sound reproduction.
Dirac Live Digital Room Correction for accurate sound calibration and accurate sound reproduction.
Room EQ Wizard Acoustic Measurement Software used for accurate sound calibration.