Want great sound from your loudspeakers in your room? Digital Room Correction (DRC) is the answer, but requires specialized Digital Signal Processing (DSP) software and skills to make it work effectively.

We offer a "turnkey" solution that includes an activated and optimized Windows 10 Pro miniPC with preloaded digital room correction and music player software, configured, tested, and ready to use. 


Connect your amplifier and speakers to our solution, set up the measurement mic and with a few mouse clicks, you have measured your loudspeakers in your room. What can takes hours, days, or weeks, is accomplished in minutes with our turnkey solution.

Send us your measurement file and in a few hours our integrated DRC calibration service will have delivered to you a custom designed digital filter to correct the frequency and timing response of your loudspeakers in your room.

Load the correction filter into either JRiver or Roon music player (license required) and enjoy studio quality, accurate sound reproduction in your listening environment. Use your favorite JRiver or Roon remote and hear music the way artists intended.



  • Activated Windows 10 Pro miniPC 2 GHZ Intel core i3-5005u processor with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD, expandable to 32 GB RAM and 2 TB of onboard SSD. 3 USB 3.0 ports for USB mic, AD/DA converter and spare USB and Ethernet port for music NAS, for example.

  • ESI U24XL 24 bit 48 kHz studio quality AD/DA interface with ASIO driver and ASIO4ALL preloaded and configured.

  • Calibrated UMIK-1 USB measurement microphone with individual calibration file preloaded. 

  • Preloaded and configured digital room correction software, Acourate, Audiolense and Dirac in demo mode. Requires license activation depending on which software is chosen.

  • Preloaded and configured JRiver Media Center and Roon in demo mode. Requires license activation.

  • USB cables for mic and digital audio interface. Power adapter for miniPC.

  • The miniPC acts as a headless server in which you (or our DSP concierge service) can remote in as required using TeamViewer. Once you have loaded your correction filter, you can use your favorite JRiver or Roon “remote” to play your music.

  • Remote Digtial Room Correction service included. Send us your measurement file and you will receive up to 6 room correction filters, optimized for your personal listening preference.

Price: US $1295.00

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ESI U24XL 24 bit 48 kHz AD DA audio interface with ASIO driver

Each unit is individually configured, calibrated and tested to meet the following technical specifications. Note the AD/DA converter was tested in “loopback” mode which means the analog outputs are looped back into the analog inputs. This represents the worst possible measurement scenario as we are not using the Analog to Digital converter in a typical scenario, but is an added benefit to input virtually any analog source. In addition, there is an independent test report (PDF) for the ESI U24XL audio interface that replicates the same performance specs as below:


ESI U24XL frequency response

ESI U24XL Frequency response measures -0.5 dB at 12 Hz and 22 kHz frequency extremes. -2.5 dB down at 5 Hz. Meaning will work perfectly well for including subwoofers. Note the vertical scale is in 0.5 dB increments 


ESI U24XL phase response

Phase response is flat. Meaning the device does not affect the timing response of one's loudspeakers or music.


ESI U24XL distortion measurement

Broad band distortion measurement. Typically 0.005% or less. Includes both AD and DA conversions.


Real world noise testing

For THD+N measurement, the unit was tested under the worst possible conditions with the AD DA audio interface sitting directly on top of the miniPC and right beside active amplifiers and directly behind a computer monitor. This includes active Ethernet and power connections. Further, the AD DA audio interface (and USB mic) is powered by the miniPC USB 3 ports. No “USB cleaners” or special cables were used for this test:


ESI U24XL THD+N measurement

No 60 Hz hum or high frequency noise. The unit in use under these conditions is dead silent whether using headphones or listening to speakers.